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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

About Me

I come from two generations of healers: my mother was a healer and an old soul. She would be the person everyone in the area would call on if someone was giving birth. Even the midwives would tell people to call on my mum until they got there, and if someone had died, she would lay them out before the funeral directors arrived. My mum was also very psychic and would give tea leaf readings. I would always watch her doing this and holding séances to contact the deceased.

I have been able to talk to animals all my life, although at a very young age I realised this was not something everyone could do, and I soon learnt to not talk about it. Animals would come to me and ask for help; I would do what I could to help them.

i am vegetarian and have been as long as I can remember. I was brought up in a large family, all of them very much meat eaters, but I refused to eat meat. As a baby I used to spit it out, mum worried and took me to the doctors, his reply was "is she is thinner than the other children? No! Is she ill more than the other children? No! Then just let her eat plenty of vegetables, so mum stopped trying to make me eat meat from then on.

In my later years after bringing up my daughter, I was guided to move out on to Dartmoor where I opened up a Riding Centre, and that is when I realised that the moorland ponies needed help. When they got into any trouble or had problems, the farmers' answer was to shoot them rather than get a vet. I started up my own Pony Rescue Charity called South West Equine Protection rescuing feral ponies from Dartmoor and Bodmin Moor which is still very busy today.

My husband Leslie and I also helped and rescued all kinds of wild animals: badgers, foxes, stoats, deer, and also any birds that were in need of help. We would capture them and get them to a vet for treatment, then rehabilitate them and release them back to the area where we rescued them from. It was not unusual for a stray dog or lost cat to turn up at my doorstep, having been guided to me by the powers that be, so that I could help them. On one occasion a Dartmoor mare with a yearling and her newly born foal came to my gate, and the mare dropped dead, leaving me to help her foals.

I am fortunate enough to have the ability to do Angelic Energy Healing on animals and humans, which has helped me to do the work of rescuing animals. At times the vet would want to put down a pony or animal that they considered unable to save, but I would communicate with these animals and they would tell me if it was time for them to go or not. Working with the animal and the Archangels, we have managed to save many animals that would have otherwise been euthanised.

I have always been aware that someone above was helping me, but did not know who. Eventually I had Archangel Gabriel appear before me, and tell me that I needed to teach people how to communicate with animals and to heal them. This is when my journey began as I became more open to telling people what I can do. I also hold workshops to teach people this skill. Through recommendations I have now helped thousands of animals and their owners worldwide, including in Greece, Australia, New Zealand, Portugal and France. I have been featured in various media, such as BBC Radio Devon, American radio, Sky TV, animal magazines, spiritual magazines, local and national newspapers, some highlighting the lost animals that I have located and reunited with their owners.

I work with the Archangels and my unicorn animal spirit guide (Sirius) plus my elephant guide (Matilda) and my mermaid guide ( Miranda) My main angelic guide is Craven, though I have worked with Goddess Isis, Jesus, Mother Mary and the Eye of Horus - all these powerful beings have channelled energy healing through me. I am also a 9th Dimensional Walking Master with access to and working with the 9th dimensional energy and the 9th dimensional evolved Dragons & Unicorns.

I look forward to welcoming you to my work.

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