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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator


Angels are expressions of Love & Compassion they are pure energy and the representation of God or Source depending on your religion, they are pure energy and not of human origin there are only two angels that have been human they are Archangel Sandalphon and his twin whilst being a mortal on earth Archangel Metatron, these are the only two angels who's name does not end in “el” which means God in Hebrew, angels only show their selves in human form with wings so that we will not be frightened and we will recognise them as no threat.


My work with Angels

My work with angels involves communicating with them daily and allowing them to work through me for the higher good of all animals and humans that i am tasked to help.

Angels in your life

Angels in your life, we all have free will so if you allow Angels to come into your life you need to ask them for help and allow them to help you, then believe that they will help you, allow time for your request to come to fruition there is no time scale with this so you need to be patient and just believe that they will deliver this for you.

Working with Angels

Working with Angels is such a joy; it is wondrous and it never fails to amaze me that they can do so much for us and help us with so many aspects of our lives. Angels can transform our lives for the good of us all.

Angels Connection

Meaning of The Clairs - Click each one to find out more

Means - Clear Seeing

Means - Clear Hearing

Means - Clear Feeling

Means - Clear knowing

Angel Calling Cards/Messages

Angel Calling Cards they will leave you White feathers in areas where there are no birds and in extremely unlikely places, I found a white feather in a new Washing Machine that was hermetically sealed and the contents also sealed the feather was in with the guarantee, Angels will also leave pennies on the floor for you as a calling card check the date of the coin and always thank the Angels for the calling card left.

Guardian Angels and Spirit Guides

Our Spirit Guide is with us to help and assist with any communication from the other side they are able to block out the unwanted contact from the not so good spirit and they are helping us to guide others and our own lives for the higher good of us all.

Why not learn all about Animal Communication at one of my

Animal Communication Courses - Click Here to find out more!

Angel Workshops: Meavy Hall Meavy Devon PL20 6PJ 1pm to 4pm £25 pp

Saturdays: 19th March 2021 - 8th October 2022

Animal Communication Workshops:

Stage One: Saturdays: 19th February 2021 - 2nd April 2022 – 10th September 2022

Stage Two: 5th November 2022

Animal Communication Workshop: Bleadon Youth Centre Bleadon W-S-M Somerset BS24 0PG

Stage One: Saturday 7th May 2022

Animal Communication & Zoopharmacognosy Animals Self Healing & Self Selecting Herbs/Oils/Clays:

Clyst St Mary Hall Clyst St Mary Exeter EX5 1AA 10am to 4pm £50 pp (This workshop is only open to those that have attended at least my stage one workshop)

Saturday: 14th May 2022