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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

Animal Case Histories

Animal Communication is a gift I have had from a very early age and I'm always very grateful for the amazing animals and their owners it has allowed me to help.

I happily invite you to read some of the case studies from the owners of the various animals I have been blessed enough to treat. Everyone in these studies is very special to me, as you will see when you click on one of them below........ Happy Reading!

Most Recent - Animal Case History

Dear Maureen, I feel the time is right to thank you so very much for the help you gave me and my beloved dog Hannah who passed away 12th December 2013. I had grief so bad I could not carry on without her....I contacted you and you telephoned me on a Saturday morning in December had communicated with her and gave me a message from her. You said for me to make an alter and write in pink on the back of a heart shaped frame with her photo in 'for love is our love'. I am as devoted to her as ever, she is the only love in my life and you said she was with me always. I feel her presence and guidance and have made a legacy to her memory.... I have waited this long, I wanted to be sure that what I was feeling was genuine, it is, Hannah is by my side.... I belong with Hannah forever journey to be with her has been made a more positive and better one thanks to you and the message you gave me from Hannah.

I enclose a few photos of her...

The heart shaped photo with 'for love is our love' written in pink on the back....the and Hannah....and Hannah's legacy.

My eternal gratitude, yours, Elaine Hasty.

"We recently found Maureen who, along with her angels and guides, has performed healing wonders on our beloved Persian cat Lou-Lou. She had a very nasty ulcer in the left eye which was a particular worry to us as the cat is an old lady of 20 years. She'd already endured a month of antibiotic eye-drops and many trips back and forth to the vet before we discovered Maureen. Lou-Lou has made an excellent recovery within a short space of time since her angel healing session. We also received some lovely messages resulting from Maureen's animal communication skills with Lou-Lou who had a surprising amount to convey. Our cat has great sensitivity and wisdom and wanted to say a lot. We are extremely grateful to Maureen for her help and I must say she is a very nice & kind lady indeed. I was astounded at the detail Maureen psychically picked up on, really jaw-droppingly amazing stuff! Lou-Lou is much happier now, out of pain thank goodness and is literally bright-eyed and bushy tailed! God bless you Maureen, a thousand thank you's. Namaste."

Jenny and Alan from Kent xx



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