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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

Case History 1

My ability to talk to live and deceased animals enables me to give closure to some people who are still grieving for the animals they have lost. The following example is a classic of this situation:

A beautiful photograph of a chestnut horse called BEAU. Beau died four years ago. I was asked to communicate with him to find out if he had crossed over to the other side and was he happy.

Having got into the energy of Beau it soon became very apparent that, yes he had crossed over to the other side, and was with his dam, who came to collect him, also one of his friends called jack was there, along with a small white dog. He gave me a message for his owner, that he has been with her on and off for the past few years, and then said, please tell her when she sees this (at this point he gave me a vision of a few sheaths of grass, shaped into a heart, with the seed of the grass being the point that meets in the middle of the heart.) she will know that I am with her. I telephoned the lady concerned, giving her the above message. She also explained that the white dog was a poodle they used to own.

Approximately 2 months later, I received a phone call from this lady, to say that she got fed up with waiting and looking for the heart sign in the grass, hay etc. However she had also been looking for a new yard for her other horse, and after looking at approximately 40 different yards, several would have been suitable, but seemed cursed in actually achieving to be able to rent them, always obstacles and problems occurred, and then one day out of the blue, stables and fields became available which were suitable in a location called Crilla Mill.

When visiting her mother back in Wales, her mum asked if she wanted to throw away Beaus' saddle and bridal. The reply was " no, I will take this back with me, and Beaus' tack will be the first thing to go on our new yard." Whilst away, a chance meeting and talking to a young man, he asked her where she was located in Devon, the reply was Tavistock. He said my parents live not far from Tavistock in an area called Crilla Mill. The coincidence continued, as it turned out, his parents owned the yard, that she was renting. But the next thing he said absolutely astounded this young lady. He said:

“Google the fields that your renting, one field is an unusual shape. It is shaped like a heart.”

He had no indication of the information I had given this young lady from her deceased horse. Sure enough she googled, and as true to his word the field is shaped like a heart.

She now has complete closure, and is assured that Beau is with her in spirit everyday.

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