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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

Rossi was born on the 30th September 2009 (he is a Bedlington Whippet lurcher), we brought Rossi home on the 19th November 09 and he was a very happy well behaved lively puppy in all ways, he liked nothing better than chasing a ball & playing with us . We soon came to realise that he had a very sensitive tummy and got ill from walking on the beach and could not tolerating dried food.

In 2012 I started to research dog food which led me to feeding Rossi raw food, this has proved to be the best diet for Rossi time and time again.

In February 2013 Rossi cut his front leg and required stitches under anesthetic, he appeared to recover well but we noticed he was a lot quieter than before the operation. In May 2012 he sustained another cut to his rear paw and again had to be given anesthetic to have more stitches; after the second operation it became apparent that he was definitely unwell , especially during the day. Although he always cheered up and was lively in the evenings, as the summer progressed he was intermittently sick (small amounts of blood ), and on occasion had traces of blood in his stools. His behaviour was still erratic, lively for a while then, very low no energy and lethargic. In October 13 he passed a large stool that was 90% blood, we rushed him to the vet and they diagnosed colitis! We treated him as the Vet advised.

As the weather got colder Rossi improved and was nearly his normal happy self. I was finding it increasingly hard to feed him as everything I gave him seemed to upset him . I soon realised he was not tolerating fat in his diet, so I cut out all food with a fat content of more than 10%.; this seemed to help, we had a much happier boy. May 2014 this all changed again as the weather warmed up Rossi's condition got steadily worse, he was lethargic , quiet and dull, but he picked up in the evenings for only a short while.

He often refused to walk at all, and when we did walk he was slow and uninterested, more often as not I had to return home after only a few short yards.

I approached our Vet explaining Rossi's condition but I felt they were not taking me seriously, so in July 14 we changed vets. This has proved to be a very good move as the new Vet started to do many tests; all proved to be negative, except for Rossi's folate which was very low. The new vet suggested a biopsy to take samples to test for IBD , we were not happy to put Rossi through another operation, believing it was the first two operations that had caused his illness. We arranged to visit a homeopathic Vet in Bath, the first visit took place in October 2014 and unfortunately we were no further forward after this visit. Rossi was also tested for thyroid which proved to be negative but by now Rossi's condition was worsening, the colder weather was not helping him.

He was sleeping more and looked well in himself: his coat was healthy and he was eating well, only experiencing upset tummies if he ate something he shouldn't have. Unfortunately his whole demeanour was low, he had no life or spark in him, he rarely played , he was by no means a normal 5 year old dog It was very sad and pitiful to see him, we were tearing our hair out as to how to help him. I joined an organisation called canine health concern in April, and I decided to write to the lady who runs the Cornwall branch. She was a great! Our correspondence was a huge help to me, at the same time as our Vet was telling me our only option was to go for the biopsy.

We introduced Rossi to a lady who practices myotheropy , we decided to give this a try and booked several sessions. It did help Rossi to relax but by Christmas 2014 it became clear it was not a cure, so with heavy hearts we booked Rossi in for the biopsy on the 30th December 14. The operation went well and Rossi should have recovered well from it, but instead he sank even lower, it was as if he had given up on life altogether. For us this was a very emotional and distressing time, we felt we were loosing our precious boy. Then, as luck would have it, I met with the lady (Barbara) from chc she has a very dear friend who is an animal communicator (Maureen). We talked about Maureen and her work & decided to ask her to come to see our boy. Maureen knew how ill Rossi was and agreed to visit us on the 2nd of January 15 , she told us that Rossi had an entity, and was close to death. We were of course very shocked & upset. Maureen went to work on healing Rossi and cleansing our home, Rossi was very ill before Maureen arrived , but much worse was to come. My husband who was a total non-believer, was shocked by Rossi's reaction to Maureen's healing. Rossi lay motionless for the rest of the day, it was an effort to get him to go out for a toilet. He looked dreadful so I contacted Maureen several times, as we were so worried about Rossi, in the morning Rossi was very sick; then he started to look brighter, he ate for the first time in 24 hours and we managed to get him out for very short walk. He looked more himself, but was of course still suffering from surgery.

I had booked Maureen to give me a healing the following week, and was very glad I had done so as Rossi had slipped back slightly. When Maureen came, she worked her magic on Rossi and said, old bones! Then she worked on his joints, the effect was just unbelievable. Rossi had not been limping prior to Maureen's visit, but within minutes of her working on Rossi he was so lame and could not walk. Rossi just totally crashed after his healing, it was unreal, when my husband came home he had to carry Rossi into the garden to pee pee. Rossi slept heavily again for nearly 24 hours and was sick again the next morning. After that.Rossi made steady progress since Maureen's healing sessions. Maureen has been his guardian angel, she has given Rossi distance healing and we took Rossi to one of Maureen's workshops where he received joint healing, very powerful!

Rossi is now a hundred times better, he is still on the hot side and is quiet on warm days but he is no longer ill. I truly believe Rossi would have died after his operation had Maureen not come into our lives. Our Vet did find Rossi does suffer from IBD, but this has only played a very small role in his degenerative health issues. Our story, or rather Rossi's story is still ongoing, we have consulted with a second holistic Vet and other healing therapies, but had Maureen not come into our lives, when she did , Rossi would not still be with us. We have no doubt that Maureen saved Rossi's life, we owe everything to this very special gifted lady.

Thank you Maureen from the bottom of our hearts, you are a true Angel .xxxxx

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