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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

"I bought a 4 year old thoroughbred from an individual who trained on the flat. He wasn't going to win any races, so the trainer wanted to find him a good home. He was extremely stiff and unbalanced but I hoped he would improve in time with correct schooling. He became intermittently unsound and despite extensive veterinary investigation the cause was never discovered. I tried everything I could think of to solve the lameness problem but nothing worked permanently. During one such period of unsoundness we heard about Maureen and asked if she could visit and try and discover the root cause of Brandy's problem.

Initially we sent Maureen by e mail a photo of the horse. She then phoned me and told me he had had a fall on the gallops. This appeared to be borne out by the presence of a small patch of white hair behind the knee. When Maureen visited on 24 September 2014 she spent a long time with Brandy and concluded that, due to the old injury, he was favouring one side of his body. She said that she would try and move all the energy across to his other side. She moved her hands along his body on the near side from his neck to his hindquarters. She did this for a number of minutes without actually touching him. She warned me that he would drink a lot of water that afternoon. I have never seen a horse drink as much as he did, once he was out in the field.

Within a matter of days his whole demeanour changed; he seemed happier in himself and he spent more time at the front of his box looking out into the yard. He became sound within about 10 days and remains sound some 10 months later. He no longer hangs on the forehand and is so much more reliable and trustworthy out riding.

During her visit she also did some healing on our little Shetland pony, Sammy. Sammy had always had a lump under his chin, which varied in size. He also bled from his nose but our vet could not find the cause of the bleeding or the lump. Again within days of Maureen's visit the lump reduced in size by two thirds and the bleeding stopped. He is also now much friendlier and less suspicious of people. Recently there has been a slight reoccurrence of the bleeding, so we may ask Maureen to pay us another visit."

Howard Fairman

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