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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

Barney Story

Barney is a Blue British Shorthair house cat that decided on Sunday 22nd Jan 2017 he would go and explore the big wide world. I have no idea how he managed to get out as we are very careful when answering the door, it was at least 20 mins before we noticed his absence by which time he was nowhere to be seen. We spent the next three days searching and calling for him; we put up posters everywhere knocked on everyones door and posted his picture on the Lost and Found Face Book pages for our local area all to no avail.

Previously, just before Christmas my husband and I had been visiting a relative in WSM and noticed a Love and Light Fayre being held in a hotel. We went and had a look around just as Maureen was about to give a talk on Animal Communication out of curiosity we sat down and were amazed by the stories she told of how she had been able to communicate with animals helping them to be reunited with lost owners.

By Wednesday 25th January after 3 long cold nights there had been no sign of Barney we were beginning to fear the worst ..... but something told me that I had to look up Maureen and ask for her help. Maureen was so understanding and was happy to try and help us, all she asked me to do was send her a picture of Barney and a map of our local area. She didn't ask me any questions about Barney or anything to do with the way he disappeared, she told me she would try and communicate with him but made it clear that she could only talk to him if Barney was happy to do so.

Wednesday was a long day, Maureen rang me back around 4 o'clock she said that the first time she had tried speaking to Barney all she sensed was his fear and confusion and was unable to gain anything else from him ..... but he was alive!!

She left him for a while and tried again this time he was more responsive. He told her that he was very frightened, cold and hungry. He had left our house through the front door and had turned left and gone through a hedge. When asked why he went he said that it was only curiosity and he didn't mean to get lost. He told Maureen that a lady had picked him up and smoothed him but he hadn't been taken into her house. He was less than a mile away and had been scared by a small dog. She was very insistant that the colour blue was important and I had to be aware of it when I go looking for him. Maureen also told me that I must put a poster up in the local Drs surgery because the lady that had seen him would be visiting the surgery. Maureen assured me that she had reassured Barney and she had told him what to be wary of and how to keep himself safe from cars and dogs. As you can imagine it was a very emotional telephone call knowing Barney was alive and he couldn't find his way home we all went straight out in search of him.

The very first house i went to was the house to the left of us now knowing that he had turned left out of the front door. My neighbour and elderly lady who I had already spoken to on the Sunday about Barney's disappearance was my first port of call. When she answered the door she was wearing a blue jumper and said "Ive just got back from the Drs". When I asked if she'd seen Barney she said "Oh I have had a beautiful cat here for the last 2 mornings would that be your cat? I couldn't believe my ears he must be so close. I rang Maureen I told her that he can't be far and could she please let him know that I was waiting for him with the Lady with the blue jumper. I continued to call and just waited and within 30 minutes Barney appeared.

We couldn't believe our eyes he had lost a little bit of weight but other than that he was in very good health.

We can't thank Maureen enough for the help and guidance she gave us. Without Maureen's help to reunited Barney with us all I don't know what would have happened, we will always be indebted to her.

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