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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

Case History 2

Dear Maureen,

Monday 9 October 2006 will be a date that I shall not forget for a long time. After leaving Louis at the kennels for a weekend and deciding to take him over Kit Hill, Louis vanished from my sight I immediately panicked and kicked myself that I could have been so stupid as to let him escape from my vision for a second, I spent the entire Monday till dusk running around Kit Hill calling his name but to no avail. I returned home feeling like death had occurred in the family and was completely heart broken, as the whole family were.

However, I thank God that you called my house on Wednesday evening, whilst I call myself a Christian and possess a strong faith in the greatness of God's work I was mildly cautious when you rang me back and explained to me what you had been told by Louis; about the green galvanised barn, the white cottage, the paddocks and the bay coloured horse in the field. My husband was slightly more skeptical, but promised to take me there on Thursday morning on the understanding that I would then ‘move on' if nothing positive came from it. We had done all we could, he felt. At that point, your words, “I can't make any promises” were ringing in my ears.

On Thursday morning, we were making our way along the road towards Stoke Climsland, about 2.5 miles from Kit Hill when I spotted the green galvanised barn. My heart skipped a beat. However, that was nothing compared to what came next. Not far from the barn were the paddocks that you mentioned, but we didn't see any horses and there, sat tired and weary, was Louis Cole. I screeched to my husband that I had just seen Louis and he dashed from the car and made his way over to were Louise was sitting. Lifting Louis from the paddock into the car, we drove home, I can't believe it! Is this real? Am I dreaming this? I feel like I've won the lottery” I Kept looking back into the boot of the car not believing that Louis was actually there in the car with us.

This whole horrible episode was over, thanks to your amazing gift. On Friday afternoon on his way back from work, unbeknown to me, my husband went back to the place where Louis was found. He then told me that he had looked around the area and knocked on a few doors. A lady had already seen Louis there, but as there were two other Welsh Springer Spaniels in the area, she didn't think anything of it. He also saw three horses in a field, just to the rear of the green galvanised barn, My husband is now a believer!!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank you for taking the trouble to call me. I've enclosed a few photographs of Louis and family and I know he's telling me to send you a big, big kiss!!! God Bless You.

Kindest regards


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