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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

Case History 3

Please Help Me!

After receiving a report of a Dartmoor mare wondering around with what looked like packaging tape dangling from her back leg, my husband and I went out to locate this mare, the terrain was not easy with gorse bushes up to six feet high, we could easily have walked past this mare, within a short distance from us and not being able to see her. Unable to find this mare, I came across another mare lying down and resting. I stopped and communicated with this mare, the conversation went as follows:

“Please can you help me? I am looking for a mare with tape around her back leg.”

The reply was:

“Yes I know which mare you mean, but she is okay now and free.”

I asked:

“What do you mean she is free? Do you mean she does not have the tape on her anymore?” The mare gave me a vision of this mare tangled up in electric fencing put around an area of the golf course. I could see her struggling and breaking free, but still with electric tape tightly wound around the leg. I asked for directions, to find this mare: “Is she down the track, to the right of your rear end? Or down the track immediately behind you?”

Her reply was:

“She is immediately down the track behind me, approximately 20 yards”

I thanked the mare for her help, and we continued on to find the mare we were looking for, and sure enough approximately 20 yards down this track was the mare with tape around her leg. After a few minutes we were able to catch this mare up and removed the tape with help from a farmer.

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