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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

Case History 4


After receiving a phone call from a friend of mine, that she had seen a poster of a lost Springer Spaniel, that had been missing for 3 days, in a popular walking area called KIT HILL. She gave me the telephone number of the owners.

I telephoned the owners, explaining my ability to communicate and talk with animals, and said I could make no promises because I had no photos of Louis, but I would try to locate him. The response was very sceptical to say the least. That this mad woman was ringing up telling them that she could communicate with animals. After being given a description of Louis and exactly where he went missing. I found myself calling on my animal spirit guide and the angels for help so that I could locate and talk to Louis.

I positioned myself etherically where Louis went missing, and called his name. I immediately got his energy coming forward, and could see him coming towards me, his tail wagging, and tongue hanging out the side of his mouth. His energy immediately made me very sad, and tears were rolling down my face.

When I asked:

“Why are you sad?”

He told me he was lost.

My reply was:

“Yes I know, this is why I am communicating with you, but before we go any further Louis, why did you run off?”

His reply:

“I picked up the scent of rabbits and got lost.”

I told him that:

“I am with you now, and have a put lead on you, take me on the journey you have done, and show me where you are.”

We travelled over boulders, through bracken, over several hedgerows and fields. Until eventually we settled in a field. When I looked around I could see a white cottage, a green galvanised barn and a bay horse in the field. This is where Louis was. I told Louis he must sit and stay, and I will give his owners the location of where he is to come and find him.

His reply:

“But I'm scared and frightened.”

When I asked why, he showed me thunder and lightning, there had been one of the worst thunderstorms the previous night.

I told him:

“The thunder and lightning has gone, and you must sit and stay, if you dare to move, we may never be able to locate and find you again. Please sit, and stay.”

I then telephoned back the owners, approximately one hour after originally phoning them, giving them the above information and a description of where Louis was, describing the white cottage, the green galvanised barn and the bay horse. I even gave them the road they needed to take to find the field. I asked them to promise that they would go and look the next morning, as Louis would of been sat waiting for them all night. I was out all day the next day, but received a phone call in the evening from Louis owners, telling me that her husband insisted on going round an area called Callington, putting up lots of posters. This area was in completely the wrong direction from where Louis was waiting for them. Her husband was very skeptical and really was not prepared to look. After pleading from his wife, they travelled the road I had told them to go down, and sure enough Louis was sat waiting in the field. When they called him, he would not come, but stayed sat where I had told him to stay. They ran into the field and carried him out.

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