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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

Case History 5


The owners of this dog, who were convinced she had been stolen. Contacted me, as they had been told I communicate with animals and may be able to help them find Suki. I asked them to send me the photograph of Suki, and I asked for the location that she went missing, with no other information; I managed to contact Sukis' energy and talk to her.

I asked her:

“Why did you run off?”

She replied:

“I followed some interesting smells, and was enjoying myself.”

I asked:

“Show me where you are.”

She gave me a vision, of a row of popular trees beside a river and a sluice gate, with a bank also beside the river.

I asked:

“What are you eating?”

She showed me rabbit another thing she scavenged. She was defiantly alive.

I telephoned the owners, giving all the descriptions above, and they confirmed that further up the river there was a row of popular trees and also the sluice gate. They went to search for her but were unable to find her. The whole family was out calling and looking for Suki.

This went on for several days, in fact weeks. With myself communicating daily with Suki, who was avoiding coming home or responding to her owners calls, because she was enjoying being free and having what I call, a jolly. After lots of accurate descriptions of where this dog had been. She was always one step ahead, refusing to stay and wait for her owners to collect her. Then finally one morning, I tuned into her energy and she told me she was cold, wet and hungry and told me she wanted to go home. I told her I had put a lead on her and that her owners were holding the other end, and to follow her instincts as she walked home, that if it felt right she was going in the right direction, but if it felt wrong, it was the wrong direction. However she came across a human with a friendly aura, she must give herself up to them. However if the human did not have a good aura, she was to go past them, and that I would get her owners to walk from home, up the river bank to greet her. I then telephoned her owners and asked them the walk up the river bank to meet Suki; she was on her way home.

Some hours later, I received a phone call saying that two walkers, were walking the river edge and saw Suki on her own, walking with a purpose, they continued on, past this dog and found further on a poster of Suki, as the dog lost. They turned around and caught up with Suki and picked her up. Telephoning the mobile number on the poster, they were able to meet up with Suki's owners, who were also on their way up the river bank. Suki was then reunited with her owners.

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