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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

Case History 6


I received a telephone call from a lady, who had heard me on radio Devon, she was upset and concerned that her dog has bowel cancer, and the vets had told her, they were unable to do any more for Sorrell. She sent me a photograph and I was able to get into Sorrells' energy and send her healing to help her eliviate the pain she was in.

I invited the lady and Sorrell to my stage two workshop, which was being held that Saturday. Sorrell arrived having difficulty walking, and had to be carried out to urinate, and was constantly passing blood. The purpose of the stage two visit was to train the very experienced students to perform a physic operation, by first entering the etheric body of the animal, and locating the cancerous tumour, cutting it away and doing angelic healing to that area. The whole experience was emotional and every single one of us, whilst in this medative state found tears rolling down our faces, and filled with the emotion of the animal. When we finished this physic operation, we all discussed the shape of the tumour, and all six students individually described the tumour as pear shaped, or light bulbed shaped, the consensus being that we had all seen the same cancerous tumour, and felt that we had done the animal a lot of good.

Sorrell left to travel home, and on route the owner stopped to let Sorrell out to urinate, she jumped out of the car, not needing assistance to be helped out, and when she urinated, there was no sign of blood. Her owner kept in touch was thrilled that Sorrell was leading a more happy healthy life.

With all animal communication and healing that I do, I am merely the tool and the instrument of the angelic realm and it is their energy that is channelled through me, for the work they are giving me to do. At no time, do I profess to be able to cure any illness, however if the angelic realm feel that their energy is sufficient to help this animal, so be it. The healing I do compliments any veterinary treatment the animal is already receiving, and does not replace any veterinary treatment advised.

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