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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

Case History 7


Zimbabwe had been in 17 races and had not had any success; infact on a few occasions had failed to start. I was asked by his owner, if I could communicate with Zimbabwe and find out what his problem was.

I communicated with Zimbabwe and asked him:

“Is there a problem? Do you not enjoy racing?”

His reply:

“Yes I enjoy racing, but the nervousness and excitement makes my body not function correctly.”

I asked him:

“Can I go on your back, and do a race with you, now?”

He said:


This we done and immediately I was able to pick up via a body scan that the adrenaline was too much and he was unable to breathe properly. This is equivalent to human stage fright. Now we what his problem is, I was able to help him to control his breathing for racing.

His next race was at Exeter, on the day I stayed with him throughout the race in his energy, giving him instructions on control of his breathing also controlling the adrenaline. For the first time ever he came in a winner, with first place. 11 days later at Plumpton race course we did the same, and again he was a winner, and placed first, and then a week later at Exeter he came first again. The following race was at Plumpton, where he was up front all the way around, until the final stages, where another horse overtook and Zimbabwe was placed second. On each occasion I was able to stay with Zimbabwe in his energy, whilst he was racing, needless to say his owner was extremely pleased.

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