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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

Case History 9

Dear Maureen,

Just to let you know that after 7 months & 12 days I found my cat Stanley on Sunday. I spoke with you back at the beginning of September when you told me Stanley was in Ford Park Cemetry and older parts of Central Park, I did have a phone call just a couple of days after I spoke with you to say he had been seen in the Cemetry although we searched there for days & we could not find him.

I then went on holiday with you having given me peace of mind that he was doing fine. On my return the temperature was still high so I knew he would still be ok, we continued to search everyday and I was convinced that he would return home like he did last year on Bonfire night, so I didn't contact you again as I felt sure 5th Nov would be the night. So on 5th Nov my mum and I sat outside a house just near my old house on Stanley's usual route home.

While sitting there, a Police car pulled up opposite and then the police man come over and asked what we were doing there,so I explained and he said he had been called by a man who thought I was following him! I was a bit shocked but although I was not following him I had passed his house everyday and every evening and later at night since Stanley had gone so I understood why he thought that. 

The policeman was very kind and offered to take a poster and said if he has any downtime they would keep their eyes out & look in the park while driving through. On Friday evening the Policeman phoned me to say that a colleague who is an ex-Plymouth Argyle player was training with Argyle at their training ground and he had seen Stanley.

On Saturday I went their but could not find him but there was an old unused cricket ground, the council depot with lots of shelters as well as the depots offices( a house) you said he was going to a house & being fed but not going in. I believe it was the offices. I returned to the ground on Sunday and had a really good look around, there is still a small part of Plymouth's zoo between the depot & the unused cricket field, the older parts of Central Park you mentioned.

I found some of his fur on the brambles up there, so I just sat on my cat box quietly and the after a while I looked up and he was in the hedge. I was overwhelmed with tears and began to shake as I slowly approached him he hissed at me but I coaxed him closed with some food and then I grabbed him and wasn't letting go. Everything you told me was correct, you are truly amazing and I will be ever greatfull. He had a check up at the vets yesterday and apart from the fleas he is perfect. thank you so much. Please feel free to use my details to share your good work. I now have the job of reaquanting him with his brother who is a little stressed. Once they are good I will be in touch as I would love to attend one of your courses.

Thank you again

Julie Smith.

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