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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

Pylons & Electrical Poles and Boxes

The Electrical Magnetic Field ( EMF ) or Electric Smog that is radiated from this kind of equipment is very strong and will affect you, your family's health, and also any animals that live with you. I can call or work from a diagram of your home and the area to assess the problem, and help you to protect yourself from these damaging rays.

Remember: because you cannot see it, it does not mean it does not exist.


" Maureen came to my daughter’s home to do a healing for my dog. After this was done I asked her to do a healing for my daughter because she had suffered from fatigue for over three years and the cause was unknown. So we had come to the stage of trying many different things. Maureen had an electrical device that registers electromagnetic frequencies and she used that to check how much the electrical devices in her home were giving off as this can cause fatigue. In the process she realised the frequencies were off the charts and far more than would be normal with electrical equipment. She continued with this and eventually said there are two entities here that are not positive in nature. She said these entities do draw energy from humans sharing the same space. Maureen then proceeded to clear the whole house, using sage and invoking the help and protection of the Arch Angels.

After this process was complete she did a healing session. My daughter had moved into this house four years ago following a complete renovation of the property and Maureen did say that renovations can cause this type of situation.

This is obviously not something that had even crossed our minds as a cause of the physical symptoms she was experiencing but the time frame did fit. Her fatigue had started within a few months of moving in.

Following this session in the home my daughters fatigue has improved so much and she does feel back to her normal self.

This was very unexpected and we had never experienced anything like this before."

Pictures of the Effects of Cell Towers

Thirty-five plus dead trees, approximately 30 ft away from these so called, just cell towers!

Photo Credit: Karen Scott


My prices are charged on a hourly basis with any traveling cost added.

Treatment - £35 pp

Travelling Cost - Please telephone me to discuss fuel cost as it will depend on where you live. You will not be obligated to arrange anything when you telephone.

Bacs: Email me for details.

Cheque - One person - on the day of the treatment. Two or more people - an upfront payment for the full amount will be required.


Pay Pal - Avoiding Fee: If paying by Pay Pal and want to avoid the fee, send a 'friend to friend'payment to my email address; from your Pay Pal account.

Pay Pal - With Fee: Click the button below to process your payment (3.8 % fee added).

If you would like to talk to me about any of the payment options, please don't hesitate to click contact 

£35 Treatment Costs

£20 Traveling Costs

£50 Traveling Costs

£100 Traveling Costs