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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator

Meaning of the Clairs

Clairvoyance: Means Clear Seeing

You may see in physical form or in your mind’s eye. This can be like looking at a photo (static) or moving like watching a film.

Clairaudience: Means Clear Hearing

You may hear it as if someone is next to you talking to you or you may hear it in your mind. This means that it may sound like you are hearing your own thoughts, so you may doubt yourself. You are not making it up when the answers come almost before finishing the question you are asking!

Clairsentient: Means Clear Feeling

You will be very sensitive to animals' or people's energy. You will feel what they are feeling, and you may pick up on their pain or sadness, finding that you are crying for no apparent reason, or you have pain in a part of your body. It is not your pain, it is the animal's or human's that you are near.

Claircognizant: Means Clear Knowing

You will just know that something is not right, that something is going to happen, or that someone is suffering with pain in a certain part of their body.

You may think of it as a gut feeling that you need to listen to. Always obey this feeling.

You may work with colours that give you an indication of what you need to know, with certain colours indicating illness/grief/warning, and so on. Get to know and recognise what the colours are saying to you.

You may work with signs. It will be important to start to recognise what these signs mean; the same sign can mean two different things to two different people so start to take note what and when this happens, and what the signs mean for you.

If you are not sure of anything, then ask your guides or angels to help you, after all they are the reason you have this gift and they are here to help you. We are only the tools and instruments of the powers that be.

So work with it, trust it, and enjoy helping animals and humans.

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