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Maureen Rolls

Angel and Animal Communicator


Thanks so much for all your advice, help and healing yesterday. I certainly have an awful lot to learn but it’s all very exciting and I think this is most definitely going to get better and better.

Ali as your assistant was awesome too, the ladies who we’re there all seemed amazing and I finally felt comfortable and unjudged so thanks to all of you.

I would like to learn more about the angels, healing and things as I learnt so much from your workshop.

Could you keep me informed of any more workshops you do as I would like to attend and I have an old friend/neighbour who is also interested too :-)

Your an amazing teacher and have an amazingly big heart too.

Thanks again

Love and light

Annie Waldron


Maureen is such a wonderful person with a truly amazing gift. I have known Maureen for over 20yrs. I organised Plymouth Horsewatch and often worked with SWEP. I always wondered how, with so little information, she was able to find and help the horses that had been reported, then i found out. Maureen was an animal communicator. Maureen has communicated with most of my animals and she has always been so accurate and informative. I also went on several of her workshops and it has totally changed my life. It was amazing. I am now an animal communicator in New Zealand and am kept very busy helping the animals down under. I can never thank you enough and highly recommend Maureen, light and love xx

Tina Budd - New Zealand


"Dear Maureen Thank you for Monday evening and for the help you have given to Hannah. Thank you for the e mail information. I took your meetings sheet so i will be in touch to do more. What an amazing world we live in! Love & Best Wishes to you."

Mary Trace - Cornwall

Maureen's Healing Evening 8-7-15 at Clearbrook Village Hall.

"Thank you for sending the pictures through Maureen. It was a very enjoyable evening. I would not have believed that drums could be so peaceful. My guardian angel made it's present felt in the grounding mediation so I knew I was been watched over.

Love and peace.

Elaine Hill


"Dear Maureen, thank you for being a brilliant Mentor Teacher and friend. Lots of love."

Shona Moon - Cornwall


"Dear Maureen, thank you so sincerely for helping Tinky & Ambi. It worked quickly and was so appreciated."

Karen Mandefreed - Devon

Maureen's Guidance

Dougal had severe Laminitis in both hooves the vet said Dougals future was not looking good Both his pedal bones had rotated and he could not walk in fact when i got to his stable he was looking very sad with his head hanging very low with pain, Archangel Raphael and i did healing on him also psychic surgery to turn the pedal bones back to the correct position.When I left, I did explain that for a few days he may be in more pain than usual, this will be because the pedal bones are rotating back in position, if they do not then it was not meant to be and I can not change his destiny.

Laminitis when it is as severe as Dougals do not survive they are usually put down due to the pain and also the Lamini does not repair its self very easily , so this is very rear situation and any horse owner will know this.


"An update on Dougal - About a day and a half, after your visit, his 'attititude' came back. He was into everything, frisking everyone for sweeties, and fiddling with things he knows he shouldn't!

We've been for a few short walks in hand, for a pick at the grass and for a wander in the sand school. We even had a small trot!

The farrier has booked us in for a normal 6 weeks, and seems to think there'll be no signs of the laminitis when he comes back. (His pulses are still in his hind feet which still concerns me a little, but the hoof walls are cool to touch). He's about 90% better than he was when you saw him. We still have the 'ataxic' walk behind, but he always had a 'different' movement with the hind legs."

Liz Evans - Owner


"Dear Maureen, thanks so much for speaking to Aggie, that same evening all her supper was eaten. Whatever your conversation was it worked wonders!"

Patsy Cullen - Cornwall.

"We have a wonderful cross called Pippa. She is 7 years old and we got her from The Dogs Trust at about 12 weeks old. She has a gentle and loving nature and has had overall good health. Unfortunately half way through my pregnancy in 2013, she twisted on her back legs going to catch a ball and injured herself. We suspected that she had pulled something and it would take time to heal. I took her to the vet as she started to develop a bit if a smell through her skin and had not improved physically a couple of months on. This did not prove to be a particularly helpful exercise as he gave her a shot of cortisol and tried to clear her anal glands. This completely freaked her out. Nothing changed.

As a family we had a massively traumatic time surrounding our son's birth. Pippa had been present to some of it. She is extremely aware and sensitive. Months of ill health on my part passed and eventually I got to a place were I could start to think about how to help her again. My birth doula recommended Rebecca Dale - chiropractor (who was great) and she after visiting and treating Pippa, suggested lovely Maureen.

After Maureen's second visit, over night Pippa was so much better. Physical movement dramatically improved, the smell went gradually, and her old friendly happy nature was back. Months on she has continued to head in the right direction and to our surprise the other night even jumped up onto out designated(!) animal armchair all of her own accord!

Thank you Maureen, keep doing all your wonderful work many two and four legged people need your magic!"

Melissa Stevens - Owner of Pippa


"Maureen is a lovely warm soul with an exceptional gift, which she uses to help animals and their human guardians, spiritually, emotionally and physically. My animals and I have all benefited many times from her healing gifts."

Patsy Cullen - Cornwall


"A friend told me about Maureen Rolls – told me about how she had got Maureen to communicate with her dogs and how accurate she was. I therefore thought I want some of this too – but never when I spoke to her first, when I sent of photos of my two dogs along with my cheque, did I imagine the impact Maureen would have on my life. She did a brilliant communication with both my dogs but at the same time opened up to me the world of Animal Communication and Angels and Healing. This is one very special lady and I find it impossible to know how I managed before I knew her!"

Barbara Storey - Newquay, Cornwall